Contoh Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris 2 (II) pertemuan 1

1.Nowadays computer is used for the following purposes, except ….
  a. multimedia 
  b. scientific processing
  c. data processing  
  d. none of the above

2. The most commonly used input device is ….
 a. keyboard  c. joystick
  b. webcam  d. mouse

3. A house size computer is … computer.
  a. the second generation
  b. the first generation
  c. the new generation
  d. the third generation

4. This is a picture of ….
  a. transistor  c. vacuum tube 
  b. VLSI  d. IC

5. Information can be stores in a storing device such as ….

  a. CD-ROM (optical disk)   c. monitor
  b. track ball  d. printer

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